The one and only Zombie Shopping Mall awaits you! Live the stuff of nightmares and let your darkest fantasies come true…

£119 Per Person:

Training & Equipment
Proprietary Weapons System – as far as we could go whilst still being legal! Hear the boom, see the flash and experience the realism not seen before in the UK!
Make up overseen by Oscar and BAFTA winning Coulier Creatures (WWZ and Pride & Prejudice with Zombies) 
Totally Immersive Horror Experiences



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When you book your zombie experience, you will be able to:

  • > Select how many people are coming
  • > Have 10 months to join us for a session
  • > Choose to have your tickets emailed or posted
  • > All new 2016 dates coming soon 🙂
  • > Interested in a Christmas or private event? Get in touch!

Questions? You’re always welcome to contact us – we’re dead friendly…



If you’re looking to finally face those zombie fears/fantasies then head to the one zombie battle location that is truly world famous – the one and only Zombie Shopping Mall.

Glimpses of dark activities were sighted. Murderous plots suspected. The government originally had intelligence that pointed to a terrorist cell plotting actrocities. How wrong they were…

Specialist tactical police firearms units were deployed – time was running out and something had to be done. Any potentail terrorist plot had to be thwarted. But then the problems came. The units were deployed but never came back. Their covert radio transmissions became more alarmed, more confused, then simply stopped.

Do you have what it takes to enter the Mall to discover what happened to the police units? Do have the wherewithall to make sense of the panic that took hold of them. To decypher their garbled messages of horrors from beyond this world. Of the dead that walked again. Well, do you..?


Is it ok to have a few stiffners before I turn up - to settle the nerves?


You will be refused entry to the session if you turn up under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Celebrating staying alive is allowed afterwards however!


Do I need to write a will before attending an experience with you?


Whilst there' s some physical interaction - bit of pushing and shoving - the worst that you'll get is a few bruises. So don't go blaming those love bites on us!


Me and my mates - we like to do everything together. Everything...


However, luckily for you zombie slaying is the perfect group activity - and you won't get knowing winks from the neighbours either. Contact us today!



Once you have your tickets purchased and dates decided upon, you need to head to sunny Reading in Berkshire. Your venue address is Garrard Street, Reading RG1 1NR.

The nearest rail station is Reading mainline which is right behind the abandoned shopping mall.

Please feel free to drop us a line if you need further assistance.


A Killer Tale of Shopping In Reading!

Is there any other kind? Whatever; all you need to know is that this retail mall has customer service reps that are dead from the neck up! (Well, toes actually). Oh, that and it’s full of shoplifting zombies just dying to play their favourite game with you – Corpse and Robbers… <mwahhahah>

With so much in store where do you start to clear a shopping mall that has a niggling infestation of moaners and groaners? Well, first things first, before you can checkout the walking streaks of rotting flesh, you’ll need some training.

No-one would expect you to go in there without some kind of briefing, so isle bring you up to speed: your training is handled by the elite Police Special Zombie Bashing Unit – not that any one zombie is more special than the others, it’s aimed more at you as you’re the one who is all gun ho about rushing in – so remember: it pays to check before you spend your ammo or there’ll be a price to be paid!

This zombie battle certainly won’t be plain saleing, and it will see you and your brothers-in-arms needing to use every ounce of cunning, stealth and aggression to make it out alive of the Zombie Shopping Mall. Zombies are not exactly renowned for their willingness to haggle and so sometimes it’s better not to register their interest and just give yourself credit for changing rooms to escape them.
If you’re in the market for a steal, then this shopping mall zombie annihilation is definitely value for money! Where else could you have three hours of unbelievable excitement, heart-in-mouth moments and memories to last a lifetime, however short that may be if the walkers get their hands, what’s left of them, on you!

So dead set folks, you won’t have to time to pick up a bargain here – it’s more shocks than frocks, more chews than shoes! This is shopping zombie style, so stop reading and get to Reading, you’re needed there!

Zombie Experiences aren’t the talk of the UK for nothing you know – it’s because they’re the most fun you can have with dead people that’s legal! Come join the battle and you’ll find popping into Debenhams is never quite the same again…