For a thrilling adventure battling zombies below London, surrender to the horrors that hunt you on the experience of a lifetime!

£115 Per Person:

Training & Equipment
Weapons & All Ammunition
Movie Quality Makeup & Props
Small Immersive Group Experiences


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Weekends in London are never going to seem the same after this! Upon arrival at our bunker location beneath Greenwich, you’ll be given the introduction and safety briefings.

From that point it’s time to start preparing you for the missions that lay ahead. Everything you’ll need will be provided, except for courage – you’ll need to bring that yourself…

Once you’ve been issued with you kit and weapons it’s time to for your training. Knowing how to kill the zombies and not one another is really going to help the cause, so pay attention! With that done, it’s time to unleash you into the intense environment that is the Zombie Bunker.

It’s dim, it’s gloomy and there’s corners and hallways that are home to the unexpected… Do you have what it takes to help save the day deep beneath the capital? No-one is going to be able to hear you scream down here, so save your energy for staying alive…


Is it ok to have a few stiffners before I turn up - to settle the nerves?


You will be refused entry to the session if you turn up under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Celebrating staying alive is allowed afterwards however!


Do I need to write a will before attending an experience with you?


Whilst there' s some physical interaction - bit of pushing and shoving - the worst that you'll get is a few bruises. So don't go blaming those love bites on us!


Me and my mates - we like to do everything together. Everything...


However, luckily for you zombie slaying is the perfect group activity - and you won't get knowing winks from the neighbours either. Contact us today!



Once you have your tickets purchased and dates decided upon, you need to head to Greenwich in South London. Your venue address is 3 Herringham Rd, London SE7 8NJ.

The nearest DLR station is North Greenwich and the closest rail station are Charlton and Woolwich Dockyard.

Please feel free to drop us a line if you need further assistance.



Deep beneath the sleepy suburb of Greenwich in London, there lies a problem and it’s kinda deadly (it’s possibly dead Lee). And if you’re going to venture down there you should know one thing – your adversaries are zombies and to their credit, they’ve some serious… deadication <mwahhahah>

But you’re not one to be fazed by rotting flesh, drooling stinkers or snarling ghouls – you ride the London Underground after all! So building on this solid natural resilience, specialist anti-zombie combat training is how you’ll start your adventure.

So what can you expect from your time at the secret bunker? The day starts with your briefing from the specialised paramilitary group, the Undead Response Unit. This elite team will then rapidly train you to the highest levels of combative expertise (which tends to rely on your ability to kill zombies and not your team mates). After that, you will be ready for the mission to begin. Honestly.

Not to give the game away, but you are in a top secret bunker that’s been overrun with those caught between worlds. Therefore it is safe to assume that your mission is fairly simple – say we, who aren’t the ones rushing headfirst into a bloodbath – to just stumble about the joint frantically trying to annihilate the walking dead and reclaim the bunker for the government. Like all special forces, your efforts will not be officially recognised nor given media coverage.

And what? You’re going to run around London telling people that you fought off hordes of beastly zombies but you can’t talk about it? We thought not… So we guess it’s that old saying – you’ve lived it before we’re sure – what goes on down below, stays downs below…

If you’re wondering what to wear, remember that this is still London, fashion icon of the world, so please leave your dungarees at home. Thinking of which, what’s black, white and dead all over? A zombie in a tuxedo! We know, we know, we’re funny guys. What’s black, white and red all over then? A nun being eaten by zombies. Oh how we laugh.

Whatever your attire, we just know that you’ll have the time of your life fighting the apocalyptic swarm of fetid lurchers that are dying for a Ruby Murray (a curry people, curry), but who are happy enough to make do with eating you know who instead (hint, it’s not us).

London is under attack by VW Combies (zombies), and they’re Hank Marvin (starving)! And you’d better Adam and Eve (believe) it, ‘cos it’s going to be a right royal Tony Blair (nightmare) that’s for Bobby Moore (sure)!

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