With full on missions and more zombies than you dare to imagine, this is the place where legends and nightmares combine…

£99 Per Person:

Training & Equipment
Weapons & All Ammunition
Movie Quality Effects & Props
Small Immersive Group Experiences


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When you book your zombie experience, you will be able to:

  • > Select how many people are coming
  • > Have 10 months to join us for a session
  • > Choose to have your tickets emailed or posted

Questions? You’re always welcome to contact us – we’re dead friendly…



Are you ready to face your darkest fears? If you are, they lie in wait ready to battle, ready to eat. This is the Zombie Bootcamp and it’s not for the timid…

Once you’ve reached our Droitwich compound, we’ll run you through what the day has lined up for you – including a safety briefing and the what’s what of the compound. Following that we will get you kitted out. Everything is provided, all you need bring is your wits to survive, a determination to win and a sense of humour to help get you through the bleakness in store.

Next up is training and getting to grips with  your weapons. All ammo is provided in the cost – you just need to become familiar with how your new best friends work, your survival may well depend on it.

Then – ready or not – your missions begin. Expect to feel tense. Expect to feel scared. Expect to question why you came. The zombies are coming for you and there’s nowhere to run…


Is it ok to have a few stiffners before I turn up - to settle the nerves?


You will be refused entry to the session if you turn up under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Celebrating staying alive is allowed afterwards however!


Do I need to write a will before attending an experience with you?


Whilst there' s some physical interaction - bit of pushing and shoving - the worst that you'll get is a few bruises. So don't go blaming those love bites on us!


Me and my mates - we like to do everything together. Everything...


However, luckily for you zombie slaying is the perfect group activity - and you won't get knowing winks from the neighbours either. Contact us today!



Once you have your tickets purchased and dates decided upon, you need to head to Droitwich Spa near Birmingham and Kidderminster. Your venue address is 10 Rushock Trading Estate, Droitwich WR9 0NR.

It’s about a half an hour drive from Birmingham, which is where you’ll also find the nearest mainline station and airport, with Hartlebury being the closest actual rail station.

Please feel free to drop us a line if you need further assistance.



Possibly for your life! This is Zombie Boot Camp – your invitation to experience the joys of a zombie slaying fest. It’s a dead end job but somebody’s got to do it! Enter the world of the apocalypse, where the undead roam the earth in search of their favourite meal – a manwich!! <mwahhahah>

So what can you expect from your time at the battle camp? Well, it will involve the aforementioned training, followed by not one, but two missions to save the world – yup people, they’re so confident in your ability to be a maniac that they put your senses into double meltdown. Marvellous.

Your first mission will involve clearing a government research centre of the walking dead and infected lab staff, who presumably are just a stagger away from being zombies themselves.It’s going to involve fast thinking teamwork people – the end is nigh and so yes, you are going to have to work alongside that strange individual who keeps winking at you whilst stroking their butt. Pistol butt.

Boot Camp Zombies Coming Straight At Ya!Listen to your instructors, heed their advice and get stuck in securing the facility before making a tactical withdrawal to prepare for your next skirmish with the dirty rotten scoundrels that are trying to eat you. Hopefully in all of the panic, you haven’t lost too many of your brave comrades, fortunately you will also learn some vital techniques in whipping zombie ass along the way.

And so it’s onto mission number two and things are just going to get better (depending on how you’re viewing things, you may actually think they’ve taken a dive for the worse of course).

It’s time to be hustled and bustled into a warehouse full of zombies – “cheers for that”, we hear you say – at which point you’ll be split up into pairs. And yes, in all probability you’ll get teamed up with the weirdo who take the opportunity to suggest that they hold your butt, pistol butt, throughout the onslaught, purely as a comforting gesture you understand.

But let’s be honest, you’ll be happy to have anyone alongside you in the dark as you’re going to have to leg it down hallways, clear rooms and generally pump as much lead into those rotten zombies as you can. And should your ammo run out in all of the excitement…


You’ve got to watch those camp zombies in boots! They’ve got you dead in their sights and given half the chance, will give you something more than just a love bite! Easy tiger, easy…